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Patient FAQ

Patient FAQ

What is a Caregiver?
Any person that provides help to another person in need. Usually the person receiving care has a condition that makes it necessary to have help with basic daily tasks.
What is Caregiver Stress?
It is the emotional and physical strain of taking care of someone. This stress could show up in multiple symptoms, such as frustration, guilt (wanting to provide better care despite all you have to do). Loneliness because of all the time spent caregiving. No social life and exhaustion when you go to bed. Also, general feeling of being overwhelmed.
What can I do to relieve Caregiver stress?
Find a reputable Home Care/Personal Care agency to assist you with caring for you or your loved one. Utilizing an organization with competent staff that specializes in the assistance that you or your loved one needs is critical in enhancing you and your loved one's life. Caremed exists to assist you and your family (the primary caregivers) in this task therefore improving not only the client's life, but also the lives of all those responsible for the patient.
How do I know when personal care services are needed?
There are numerous factors to consider, some may be; increased risk of falling, illness, safety issues, forgetting to take medications, poor nutrition, difficulty taking care of household responsibilities, inability to manage routine tasks or putting oneself in greater risk when attempting routine tasks.
What is the Role of the Health Care/Personal Care agency?
Through a teamwork approach that involves client, family, agency, clinician (aide); the agency will provide services, support and assistance to your recuperating, ill or disabled loved one in the comfort of their home. Services can be provided on a short or long term basis. Because Home Care includes a wide array of services from high tech nursing to companion or sitter care; our agency can help guide you and your loved one through this difficult experience. Due to our experience and expertise we can help evaluate and guide you in a situation where you may not be confident about what to do. Services include, but are not limited to PC services, assisting with daily living, coordinating care, laundry, meals, homemaking and much more. Contact Caremed, Inc. for more specific information.
Why choose home care/personal care?
There are many good reasons for wanting ill or recuperating loved ones to be cared for at home. Home care is a humane and compassionate way to deliver health care, because it enables clients to enjoy the comfort, privacy and convenience of home. Studies have also shown that health care performed in a setting familiar to the client is more beneficial to their quality of life. In addition, home care is also a cost effective alternative to institutional care.
What time will my clinician/aide come to my home?
The home health aide schedule is designed to meet the specific needs of the client. It is our goal to match the aide to your specific requirements whenever possible. For example, one patient may need services in the morning, while another client may require services in the afternoon. The agency will work with you about your preferences and find the proper caregiver that meets your schedule.
Can my aide clean my entire house?
If you have a home health aide through Medicaid, the aide can clean your immediate surroundings to benefit your well being, e.g. change sheets, tidy up your bedroom. However, cleaning your entire house is not a benefit. Private payers have more flexibility in services like these.
Can my aide run errands for me?
Personal care services reimbursed by Medicaid and most private insurances do not include running errands as a benefit. However private payers have more flexibility in services like these, if authorized by the agency.
How do I cover the cost of these services?
We accept self-pay, Medicaid and a wide range of other private insurances that will cover some if not all of the cost of our services. Contact the branch office closest to you for additional information.